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24x8 Goalpost Mockup

This frame accessory is perfect for training with the Fitlight System in a variety of disciplines. This setup has a goalpost configuration, helping goalkeepers and football players make tailored training routines. Product name:

Multi Stage Frame,14 Frame clips, 20X4 ft. Frame Tubes with 9 Tube Connectors,   4 Base Feet Size: 8’H x 24’W 


  1. Portable - Easy to carry, set up and disassemble Flexible - Can be set up into many sizes and configurations. The lights can be moved in seconds anywhere on the frame to suit the trainer’s configurations

  2. Lightweight - Weighs only 20 lbs.

  3. Expandable - Can be expanded to any size as required, height or width. Can be used for training of goalkeepers, basketball/volleyball players.

  4. Multiple Configurations - Can be configured for fitness/conditioning training, hand/eye co-ordination training, reaction testing, the configurations are limitless!

  5. Multi Users - Allows for more than one user at the same time, 1 v 1 or team v team.

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