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View our video gallery to see the fitLight system in action. The system itself is used at various professional sports teams and institutions and is proving its worth on the world stage!  Why not contact us now to see what the fitLight System can do for you!

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  • Introducing the fitLight Trainer™
    Fitlight Training System in Action
  • fitLight Trainer™ Water Sports Reaction/Agility Conditioning
    Water Sports
  • fitLight Trainer™ Reaction/Agility Conditioning
    Reaction and Agility Testing
  • fitLight Trainer™ Reaction Conditioning Training
    Reaction Conditioning Training
  • fitLight Trainer™ 1V1 Reactive Conditoning
    Reactive Conditioning
  • Toronto Raptors Training
    fitLight at the Toronto Raptors Training Session.
  • Fitlight American Football Demo
    Fitlight system used in U.S. Footballl training.
  • Ice Hockey Training
    Training Ice Hockey Players with the Fitlight System
  • fitLight Trainer™ Hand/Eye Co-ordination Training
    Hand/Eye Co-ordination tests.
  • fitLight Trainer™ Group Reaction Conditioning
    Group Reaction Training Session